On March 15, Lucia and William’s wedding at The Elan was a memorable affair. It was more than a reception. It was a celebration of their love story, filled with personal touches. Let’s take a closer look at their special day, from the quiet morning to the lively party that followed.

Morning Glow: Joyful Start

The day kicked off at the Holiday Inn Hasbrouck Heights-Meadowlands. Lucia and her bridesmaids were buzzing with excitement. They laughed and toasted to the upcoming events, setting a joyful tone. Each photo captured their unique bond, full of support and friendship.

Lucia, in her stunning dress, had touching moments with her flower girl. These interactions reflected a deep family bond. At the same time, William and his groomsmen enjoyed their time, their laughter echoing the day’s happiness.

Vows at The Elan: Uniting Hearts

The scene then moved to St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church in Hillsdale, NJ. The church held great meaning for Lucia. Their vow exchange was heartfelt, and the guests felt a strong sense of unity. As they left the church, bubbles filled the air, marking the start of their new life together.

Capturing the Connection

After the ceremony, the church’s scenery was perfect for photos. The couple’s portraits were a mix of candid and posed shots. They showcased their love’s joy and beauty. The photographer’s skill ensured these images would last forever.

Evening at The Elan: A Celebration of Love

The reception at The Elan was spectacular. It featured lilac and navy decorations and was filled with music and laughter. Each speech added to the night’s warmth, creating lasting memories.

Their Unique Spin

Lucia and William made the day their own. They included a TARDIS photo booth as a nod to their favorite show, “Doctor Who.” This touch added fun and made the day unforgettable.

The Night Moves: Joyful Revelry

The cake cutting signaled their future together. The dance floor was alive with joy. Each dance showed the depth of their love.

In summary, their wedding at The Elan was a true testament to their journey. It was full of love and shared experiences. We aim to capture such beautiful moments. To chat about your event, reach out to us at [email protected] or call +1 917-992-9097.

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