A New Beginning at a Tranquil Venue

In New Jersey’s heart, Hazel Wood Cemetery’s serene confines hold the charming Vanderhoven Chapel. The couple chose this spot for their intimate March wedding. They wanted a tranquil backdrop, a stark contrast to typical venues.

Capturing Love’s Dawn

My day started before dawn, capturing this love story. As their photographer, I aimed to capture every moment.

Navigating to the Chapel

Reaching the chapel became an adventure through Colonia and Rahway’s historic streets. Despite GPS challenges, I found the chapel, a proud structure near the cemetery entrance.

The Ceremony Unfolds

The chapel welcomed me early, its warmth and history enveloping me. Sheryl Alemany officiated, her familiar presence adding joy. Though brief, the ceremony packed a lifetime of memories into ten minutes.

Candid Moments Embraced

The couple wanted candid shots, reflecting their day’s true essence. I captured their authentic moments, from the ceremony’s solemnity to the outdoor laughter.

Balcony Romance

At their request, I took balcony shots, capturing their love against the chapel backdrop. These photos promised and delivered romance.

Joyous Moments Cherished

Post-ceremony, I explored, capturing intimate and celebratory moments. The community’s joy was palpable.

A Day of Love Reflected

In two hours, I captured a lifetime of memories, showcasing the couple’s love story. The day’s genuine nature shone through in each photo.

Farewell to Vanderhoven Chapel

Leaving the chapel, I took with me the day’s joy and love. The couple’s wedding, at this unique venue, reminded us of love’s simple beauty.

Alex Kaplan, Professional Photographer

Thank you, for letting me share your journey. May your life be filled with happiness, love, and memories.

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